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DC Values Playbook

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Our values did not change on Election Day, nor did the fact that Washington, DC can handle its own affairs. We have balanced 21 consecutive budgets, have reserves that are the envy of other jurisdictions around the country, are proud to be the fastest improving urban school district and are growing by nearly 1,000 residents per month.

Yet because we do not have statehood or a vote in Congress like all other Americans who pay federal taxes and serve in the military, our federal government believes it needs to meddle in our affairs. However, unless it’s acting to enhance the values that Washingtonians hold dear, the best thing the federal government can do for DC is to leave us alone. We created the DC Values Playbook to educate all Washingtonians on how the federal government can interfere with our affairs through the legislative and budgetary processes. The Playbook is an overview of the processes that may unfold and the key players that may be involved.