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Mayor Bowser to Join 40 Mayors in Mexico City to Announce Bold and Concrete Actions to Meet Paris Agreement

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Mayor Bowser and Department of Energy and Environment Director Tommy Wells to Attend C40 Mayors Summit

(WASHINGTON, DC) – On Thursday, Mayor Bowser will travel to Mexico City to join more than 60 mayors and deputy mayors from all over the world, as well as hundreds of urban and sustainability leaders, who are committed to taking meaningful action on climate change. The biennial C40 Mayors Summit provides a unique opportunity for city leaders to share ideas for reducing and creating sustainable and livable cities for citizens. Speakers at the C40 Mayors Summit include nearly 40 mayors from the world’s largest and most influential cities; business leaders of Fortune 500 companies; elected officials at all levels of government; prominent non-governmental organization (NGO) leaders; internationally-renowned climate experts; and celebrity activists.

“This summit signifies DC’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and to securing a future for our city in the face of climate change,” said Mayor Bowser. “Under our Sustainable DC plan, the District is investing in green infrastructure and spurring economic growth. We are also implementing more sustainable improvements in living standards for our citizens by planning a dense, connected city that is prepared to withstand climate impacts. Our participation in the Summit is an opportunity to both strengthen ties abroad as well as ensure the continued resilience and vitality of the District in light of climate threats.”

At the summit, Mayor Bowser will lead the U.S. Mayors Press Conference on Friday, December 2. Other participating cities include Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and New York City. 

In addition to Mayor Bowser, the District’s delegation includes:

  • John Falcicchio, Chief of Staff, Executive Office of the Mayor
  • Tommy Wells, Director, Department of Energy and Environment
  • Bill Updike, Chief, Green Building and Climate Branch, Department of Energy and Environment
  • Maureen Holman, Sustainability Chief, DC Water

This trip is part of the Bowser Administration’s continued efforts to make Washington, DC more resilient to future climate change. Launched in October, Climate Ready DC is the District’s new plan to adapt to a changing climate that could result in more dangerous heatwaves, severe storms and flooding. See more information about the plan at