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Mayor Bowser Announces $20,000 Hiring Bonus to Help Recruit MPD Officers

Friday, June 17, 2022
Administration expedites incentive program to immediately begin recruitment efforts

(Washington, DC) Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Robert J. Contee III announced a new $20,000 hiring bonus that will make MPD more competitive and help the Department recruit new officers, with a focus on hiring more DC residents and women. The new incentive is part of Mayor Bowser’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget, which funds an additional 347 new officers in FY23 and goes into effect on October 1, 2022. The Administration expedited the program to allow MPD to immediately begin recruitment efforts. 

“We know how critical it is to have a fully staff and resourced MPD, and that requires us to hire strong talent and to retain experienced officers. These hiring bonuses will help MPD recruit and hire more officers to keep our city safe,” said Mayor Bowser. “My message to the community is this: If you’re looking for a way to serve our community, if you like interacting with people, if you like helping people, if you want to work at the best police department in the country, then go to and consider a career at MPD.”

Qualified applicants will be eligible to receive this incentive in addition to existing benefits, such as the $6,000 housing stipend. The bonus will be paid in two installments: $10,000 will be paid as an initial hiring bonus and the remainder will be paid upon successful completion of the police academy. The starting salary at MPD is currently $60,199, which means that with the new bonus, first-year officers will be eligible to earn more than $80,000.

“The police department leading the nation’s capital is now proudly making strides during a competitive job market by offering our recruits incentives, that quite frankly can change lives of so many wanting to serve the community here in DC,” said Chief Contee. “It has been one of my visions for the department to retain members and take care of our own, who proudly show up to work each and every day; and Mayor Bowser’s announcement today is just one step we have planned for our current and future members. Our goal is that these recruiting incentives will create a pipeline to success for residents and for our youth, who too often find themselves in harm’s way with illegal firearms and crime.” 

Mayor Bowser has made it a priority to fully fund MPD so that it has the resources necessary to patrol neighborhoods, lower response times, make and solve cases, and be prepared for a post January 6th posture.

In 2016, Mayor Bowser expanded eligibility for the MPD Cadet Corps Program by increasing the maximum age for participating from 21 to 24; the Mayor again expanded the eligibility this year to allow DC residents who attended high school outside of DC to join. Since coming into office, the Mayor has grown the Cadet Program from 20 cadets in 2015 to 150 cadets in FY22 and FY23.

Earlier this year, Mayor Bowser announced MPD’s participation in the nationwide 30 x 30 initiative to hire more women as MPD officers. The pledge, which focuses on increasing the representation of women in police recruit classes to 30% by 2030, ensures police policies and cultures are intentionally supporting the success of qualified women officers throughout their careers. As of the announcement, MPD was ahead of the national average, with women making up 23% of MPD’s sworn officers. The Department remains focused on hiring more women to ensure MPD reflects and represents the community.

To apply for a position at MPD or for more information on qualifications, recruitment efforts, and the Cadet Corps Program, please visit

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