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Executive Office of the Mayor
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Executive Branch

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Office of the Attorney General
Formerly named Office of the Corporation Counsel (OCC), the Office of the Attorney General conducts all law business for the District and handles all suits made by and against the government including state, local, and county matters, and the child support program.

DC Public Schools
Provides quality education, ensures a safe and secure learning environment, and provides support services to DC school children.

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Prepares the city's annual budget; borrows on behalf of the District; collects receipts, payments, and transactions for the District, invests the city's funds; administers and enforces tax laws; and produces the audited statements for the city's financial condition.

Office of the Inspector General
The Office of the Inspector General is an independent agency. OIG conducts audits and investigations of District government programs and departments to deter waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement.

Executive Office of the Mayor

  • Office of the Chief of Staff
    Provides leadership, strategic direction, and policy guidance to the Executive Office of the Mayor, Deputy Mayors, agencies, and citizens so that the District can strengthen children, youth, families and individuals; builds and sustains healthy neighborhoods; promotes economic development; makes government work; and enhances unity of purpose and democracy.
    • Office of Communications
    • Office of Community Affairs
      The mission of the Office of Community Affairs is to meet the needs of the residents of the District of Columbia and engage the District’s diverse communities in civic life.
  • Office of Budget and Finance
  • Office of the Secretary
    The Office of the Secretary provides protocol, authentication and public records management services to the Mayor and District government agencies.
  • Office of the General Counsel
    Serves as principal legal advisor to the Mayor; reviews and evaluates all significant legal and policy initiatives and settlement proposals; designs and implements legal strategies for the termination of court imposed intervention into District operations; and coordinates legal, policy, and operational initiatives related to compliance with court orders and the transition from court intervention to government control.

Office of the City Administrator
Provides oversight and support to the Deputy Mayors and increases government effectiveness with cross-agency and targeted improvement initiatives, including the integration of strategic policy priorities, budgetary constraints, and operational directives.