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Mayor Bowser's 2024 Progress Report

Friday, May 24, 2024
Mayor Bowser's 2024 Progress Report

Dear Washingtonians,

We are fortunate in DC that since 2015, our city has experienced tremendous economic growth.

This growth has allowed us to make significant investments in our people and neighborhoods – we’ve modernized schools and libraries, added thousands of affordable homes, transformed our waterfront and created new destinations across DC, and launched and expanded innovativehuman services programs that are giving more Washingtonians a fair shot.

Today, even as we face a confluence of post-COVID factors, our city is still strong. We continue to have a Aaa bond rating. DC is the number one city in the country for tech careers and among
the top cities for women-owned business openings. We are leading the country in office-to housing conversions. Tourism is rebounding. Our public school enrollment is up two years in a row.
Crime is trending down. And unlike many of our peer cities, DC’s population is growing.

I know that by continuing to work together – by striking the right balance between investments and sacrifice and by prioritizing investments that will kick off more revenues for the District – we will get back to the economic growth levels that have fueled the renaissance of modern Washington.

I’m optimistic about our future. Our Comeback Plan is working. And over these past few years, we have been reminded many times: never bet against cities, especially not this one. Cities are resilient. Cities are hubs of history and culture. Cities are drivers of innovation. Cities are where people come to change the world. And there is no city in the world like Washington, DC.
Let’s keep pushing.


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Muriel Bowser

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