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Mayor Gray Wishes District’s Muslims a Blessed Ramadan

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mayor Gray Wishes District’s Muslims a Blessed Ramadan

The Mayor praises the universal values behind the holiday and America’s tradition of religious freedom

(Washington, DC) — Mayor Vincent C. Gray today wished members of the District’s Muslim community a blessed Ramadan. Observance of the holy month of fasting, self-reflection, charity and atonement for Muslims begins this evening.

“As the District’s Muslims begin this season of fasting, reflection and rededication to the values of obedience, charity and sacrifice, I would like to wish them a ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ (Blessed Ramadan),” Mayor Gray said.  “Reflecting on the recent Independence Day holiday, I give thanks for the profound wisdom of our Founders in creating a Constitution that holds religious freedom in high esteem – ensuring that, more than two centuries later, Muslims, Christians, Jews, other religious minorities and those of no faith at all can live side-by-side in a country where each and every American’s right to a free conscience is not only respected, but celebrated.”