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Mayor's Welcome

Mayor Vincent C. Gray


When I was elected Mayor, I took the oath of office and promised a commitment to transparency and good government. I also outlined my vision of making the District “One City” with a focus on four priority areas: quality education, fiscal stability, job creation and economic development, and safe communities.

To me, “One City” is not just a logo or a slogan. It is the recognition that all District residents, no matter their differences, are bound together by a common destiny and a shared desire to make our city even better for everyone who lives here.

Our city is a wonderful place to live, work, visit and do business. We are experiencing our first net population growth in decades and neighborhoods all over the city are buzzing with new life and commerce. Our education reforms are starting to yield positive results and businesses are eager to stake their claim in the District. It's a great time to be a resident of the District of Columbia.

We are striving to make the District “One City,” a city that can be enjoyed and treasured by all who call the District home. Although, I must share that if we are ever to achieve our goal, we must not sit idly by and be content to let the next chapter in the District’s history simply write itself. We must forge our future together to develop a diverse economy accessible to all, to grow the pie for everyone, to ensure everyone does their fair share, and to ensure everyone has a chance to succeed.

As you peruse through mayor.dc.gov, please take note of the available resources and ways to engage both myself and my administration. We will take the ideas we receive and the data we collect, analyze them carefully, and craft a strategy that will shape our city for years to come.

With your help, we can continue an important civic dialogue on how we can go about making the dream of “One City” a reality.

All that we have done and all that we are working towards will better position the District of Columbia to be a world-class city and a global capital.

Thank you for your continued support.

In Your Service,

Vincent C. Gray